Archive for August, 2010 is back up and banging! New flyer for October too :)

August 21, 2010

Yes funky fans of the ridiculous Rudy, we are gearing up for some fun in Florida this fall! We’ve just revamped our website and created a sparkling new flyer for our Tobacco Road show on October 29th. Check in with Rudy and let us know your fantasies, wishes, hopes and dreams so Rey “Conga” Diaz can fulfill them all with his fabulous fingers. As to booty lubrication, we’ll provide the hot dancefloor grease, the gutbucket funk sauce and the love lotion to prepare your booty for an exceptional bounce and shine. Give yourself over to Rudy and in turn, feel the hot breath of Howard on the nape of your neck. Or a labrador, we’re not quite sure…  See you soon! Write us at and let us know you’re coming to party with RUDY!


RUDY is alive and well and booked to rock your booty Oct. 29th in South Florida!

August 15, 2010

RUDY is alive and well, and boy have we been busy. Aside from finishing up our long-awaited third studio album, the four virile members of Rudy have been hard. At work. Rey “Conga” Diaz is practicing his nude skydiving, bellybutton yoga, and the art of coitus while rollercoasting. Bassist Johnny “Jamalicious” Gobel was last seen at the airport boarding a plane to Las Vegas, where he plans to enter a french toast eating contest and shoot golfballs from the top of the Luxor. Drummer Howard “Colonel” Goldberg is in Washington, DC at a high-level cabinet meeting about the effects of rock & roll on the impressionable minds of todays youth. Can you say “character witness”? And Robbie “G-Nutz” Gennet just returned from a ganja pilgrimage to distant lands and was seen handcuffing a rowdy midget to a piano at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. No rest for the wicked, nor the sexy and carefree. But back to the record…

If it’s been awhile since you listened to Rudy’s “Sexy” or “Booty” albums, give em a spin. Feel that funky beat driven by the fantastic foot of Howard? That boogity bassline flowing from the flying fingers of Johnny? The sweet bubble and percolating percussive affront that is Rey? And the rib-tickling, keyboard-licking good times of Robbie? Well rest assured, the band is tight, hype and ready to get down with you and yo funky self! If you happen to be in the South Florida area around Halloween, make sure you hit Rudy’s Friday night triple-header on October 29 at Tobacco Road! There is a full-capacity funktagious fiesta that is ready to take you down to Boogietown 🙂 Three sets featuring all your favorite tunes plus some delicious surprises.

Stay tuned and keep that badass booty lubricated- Rudy has tibs on your tush!