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The Big News is Really Huge!

September 27, 2009

Rudyfans, booty bouncers and disco freaks, welcome back to the Rudy blog. You know, it’s been almost a decade since we recorded the “Sexy” record and a decade is way too much time just passing us all by. So we decided the time was right to make the long-awaited third Rudy album, which we’ll be recording in October down in Florida! Not only did we have a bunch of songs from the last 10 years of playing live, but we decided some new material would be in order. Hence, last week drummer Howard Goldberg came out to singer/keyboard player Robbie’s G-Spot Studios in California and laid down some awesome new tunes that we know Rudy fans worldwide will really dig. We won’t leak any titles at this point because we have to see what makes it to the actual album but rest assured, Rudy is alive and better than ever! And that also leads to this news:

There will be two celebratory Rudy concerts in South Florida on Oct 23 & 24th! Robbie, Howard, Rey and Johnny will jam out the old and new tunes on Friday Oct 23rd at Boston’s on the Beach in Delray Beach, FL! Saturday’s gig is almost confirmed (we’ll let you know when it is) but we will be doing two very different shows so you won’t want to miss either of em! More info at and at your mom’s house 🙂

See you soon! Keep in touch and get ready for new Rudy…